May 23, Produce Market Report

Sat, Sep 07, 2019 at 1:56AM

May 23, Produce Market Report


Fields continue to be harvested ahead of schedule. Cool days are not allowing supplies to catch up. Demand has declined which has helped pricing a bit, however pricing remains high. Still experiencing quality issues and light weights.

Romaine / Leafy Greens

Romaine supplies continue to improve, however we are still seeing fringe and tip burn. Demand has steadied and pricing remains high. Demand exceeds supply on green leaf and pricing remains high. Butter supplies are very tight and pricing is high. Spring mix quality is fair with good supplies.


Full transition has been made to the Imperial Valley on all onions. Most shippers are operating at full capacity thus making prices softer. Good quality overall. Jumbo whites are tight with only fair quality.


The onion market has spiked. FOB pricing has jumped $5 in the last couple of days. Some growers are gapping in supply. Good quality overall. Jumbo whites are tight with only fair quality. Will need to monitor this situation closely.

Red Onions

The jumbo red market is tight. Quality is good. Pricing will remain high.


Potato market has spiked this week. Value is in smaller sizing. Overall quality is good.

Colored Potatoes

This market remains steady. Larger sizes remain the value. No real change is expected in the near future.


Florida volume remains strong on all sizes and varieties. Expect an abundant supply for the next 6 weeks or more. The wet and humid weather may begin to show on the fruit, however as of now quality is very good. Grapes and cherries are on the down side in Florida, however South Carolina should begin in the next week.


Green pepper production is on the lighter side this week. Supplies could remain tight for the next 2-3 weeks. Georgia is starting up with above average quality. Red peppers are starting to tighten and pricing is going up. Quality has been good.


Demand exceeds supply on all sizes and grades. Pricing continues to rise. We are beginning to see some growers pro-rating customers. This market will not experience relief until mid to late June when we begin to receive Chilean fruit. Quality has been spotty at best.

Berries, Strawberries

Strawberries have weathered the storms that have hindered production. Quality is spotty and demand continues to exceed supply. Strawberry pricing will remain high. Blueberry availability out of Florida and Georgia have been good. Quality is good, pricing is elevated. Blackberry availability is getting better and quality is good. Raspberries are tight and quality is average.


The lime market is tight due to lack of rain and early picking is hindering sizing. Prices remain high in the $50’s and $60’s. Overall quality is fair.


Mexican production has declined on all sizes and grades causing this market to tighten. California is packing six days a week, however this does not meet the demand. Supplies will remain tight for the next 6-8 weeks.


Supplies are light on a very active market. Pricing is high.


Supply continues to be short and pricing remains high.

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