Jan. Produce Market Report

Sat, Sep 07, 2019 at 2:05AM

Jan. Produce Market Report


Due to freezing temperatures at night and rains during the day the iceberg market has moved to demand exceeds supply. Weights are light and quality is medium. Pricing is high and will most likely remain high in the coming weeks. If these conditions persist we will see loading challenges.


Romaine supplies are good. Demand continues to be on the lighter side. Rain is effecting the harvest. Light epidermal blister and peel is apparent from the colder weather. Pricing remains steady. Romaine hearts and chopped romaine are more plentiful as demand is soft. Quality is good. Pricing remains steady.


The yellow onion market has started to move quickly. Mediums are moving upward steadily and jumbos are jumping rapidly. This market is going to get pricey.

Red Onions

umbo reds are reacting very quickly. Quality is starting to become scarce. The red onion market will continue upward as this market is extremely short on volume.


Minimal change has occurred in the potato market since Thanksgiving. Demand has remained light and pricing continues to be stable. Value is in the larger size russets. Overall quality is good.

Colored Potatoes

This market remains steady. Larger sizes remain the value. No real change is expected in the near future.


Florida continues to have rainy weather which has not been kind to the winter tomato crop. Yields in current production areas more than 50% below projections. Larger fruit is in short supply as growers are working on 2nd and 3rd picks. Growers are now looking to the beginning of March when Naples and Immokalee begin production to see any relief. Grape and cherry tomato volume and quality continue to be an issue. Pricing is high across the board.


Florida bell pepper markets are heating up as rain continues to limit harvest. Pepper continues to show bruising and other rain related issues including bacterial concerns. Red Pepper continues to be scarce and very expensive. This market shows no signs of relief.


The market shows some signs of stabilizing as Yuma has begun their harvest. Fruit from this region has been very good quality and size. Santa Paula Ca. will begin harvest this week, with the central valley set to begin soon. The outlook is good depending on what the El Nino has in store for the region. Pricing should begin to ease.


Elevated temperatures have continued to hamper the Florida strawberry market. This week’s cooler temperatures should help as we move toward the very important Valentine’s Day holiday. Pricing remains high. Blueberry quality and availability is good in Florida though pricing remains very high. Blackberries and raspberries continue to be tight with a multitude of weather related issues, not to mention the ongoing Mexican labor issues.


Limes are steady on all sizes. Increased demand has caused the market to rise. Overall quality is good.

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