April 11, Produce Market Report

Sat, Sep 07, 2019 at 1:59AM

April 11, Produce Market Report


Demand remains light. Multiple districts continue to harvest causing an over-abundance in supply. Pricing remains low and quality is good.


Romaine color and size is great. Supply exceeds demand. Pricing is low. Romaine hearts and chopped romaine supplies and quality are good. Green Leaf supplies exceed demand. Spring Mix quality is fair with good supply. Pricing remains steady.


Jumbo yellow onions are tight and quality is fair to poor as we near transition to California and Texas. Pricing is elevated but not overly exaggerated. We are seeing surface mold in yellow onions. Air circulation in storage is critical. Jumbo whites are very high and supply is very tight. Quality is mediocre.

Red Onions

Pricing on jumbo reds is high. Quality is good considering it is the end of storage. Expect to field some quality concerns until we move to California in the coming weeks.


Market is steady from last week. Demand remains low. Shippers will soon be shipping all Burbanks. Supplies and quality are good. We are nearing transition to California.

Colored Potatoes

This market remains steady. Larger sizes remain the value. No real change is expected in the near future.


Florida tomato supplies have finally began to increase. Although still short of normal volumes, new fields are bringing more volume and better sizing and quality of fruit. Pricing remains elevated. Expect volumes to get better as harvest begins in the Ruskin/Palmetto areas in the coming week to 10 days.


The bell pepper market continues to challenge throughout the country. Expect this to begin to change as newer fields begin to harvest in Florida over the next week. The California desert season has begun as well, hopefully bringing relief to this long challenged commodity. Pricing remains elevated but should see some relief in the next few weeks. Red Pepper market is steady as product continues to come from Honduras. Expect California to begin in May.


Market is slightly stronger with good demand. Sizing remains on the larger size with quality fair to good. This market will begin to see some pressure as the desert winds down.

Berries, Strawberries

Oxnard volume is over the peak. Look for the Santa Maria region to begin increasing over the next week. Stem berries will have to load in the Santa Maria/ Salinas Region due to the lack of supplies in the Oxnard region. Blue imports will decline rapidly over the next week. Domestic production is not picking up fast enough and demand is quickly exceeding supplies, overall markets will begin to get stronger. Black remains tight but should see some relief as Mexico is slowly increasing supplies. Rasp continues in high demand. Production is slowly increasing but not fast enough. Quality is overall fair.


Limes will be short for the next two to three weeks. The regular crop was set to start in April, however elevated heat coupled with the lack of rain has pushed the crop back to May. Quality is good, however this market will remain active with high pricing.

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