Oct. Produce Market Report

Sat, Sep 07, 2019 at 2:09AM

Oct. Produce Market Report


Average supplies continue this week. Weak demand continues to aid the situation. Warmer weather continues to push acreage forward. This will cause further shortages in late October before the transition south in mid-November. Quality is fair with light weights, seeders and weak tip. Pricing remains elevated.


Due to lighter weights romaine supplies have dipped this week. These light weights will be in play for the next few weeks. Demand has remained steady. Product qualityis fair with small seeders andoccasional light fringe burn.Romaine hearts and chopped romaine will be average this week.


Market has started to firm up as growers continue to express concern over yields. Growers are not shipping if the asking price is not met as they anticipate higher prices later in the season.Quality is very good.

Red Onions

Crop is being moved to storage. Pricing will begin to move up quickly as yields are veryshort. Some are quoting the harvest to be down by 40%. Quality has been very good.


Sheds are beginning to transition to the Burbank variety of russet. Burbank’s are a more versatile potato, however due to higher solids the appearance is not as smooth as a norkotah russet. Demand and supply are equal at this time with no spikes in pricing expected in the near future.Overall quality is good.

Colored Potatoes

Demand for colored potatoes has remained moderate to low. No real change is expected in the market regarding all colored potatoes. Larger sizes continue to be the value.


Demand is outpacing supply in the tomato market. The Carolinas are still picking this week, however the fruit that is left has been through significant weather issues. This will reflect in both product quality and pricing. Quincy Fl. has begun their harvest, however yields are very low. Expect pricing to remain elevated for the foreseeable future.Grape and cherry tomatoes will be very tight until we can see significant volume in Florida.


Georgia volumes should begin to improve with the improving weather. Current product is seeing some issues due to rains. Stem decay and bruising. South Florida will begin to harvest all bell peppers after the first week of November which will help pricing and quality. Current pepper pricing remains elevated.


The market shows some signs of stabilizing as Yuma has begun their harvest. Fruit from this region has been very good quality and size. Santa Paula Ca. will begin harvest this week, with the central valley set to begin soon. The outlook is good depending on what the El Nino has in store for the region. Pricing should begin to ease.


The market is beginning to show signs of easing up as production increases in Oxnard and Santa Maria. Demand continues to exceed supply. Sizing and quality continue to be an issue. The berry market will remain expensive across the board.


Pricing is steady as supplies are in line with movement.Quality is fair.

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